Name: Michelle
DOB: 24/01 (remember it and send me presents)
Height: 5"3' (5"2.5')
Weight: Can curl 5pounds
Race: 50m
Build: Sexy
Hair: Long & Curly
Eyes: Two
Distinguishing Marks: lots of moles
Fears: Germs, clowns
Special Skills: Can belch the alphabet
Other Comments: Medicated for your protection.

☺ I'm obsessed with lists.

☺ Audiobooks make me so very happy.

☺ I live on an island so I'm at the beach often :D

☺ Twitter is my main outlet, I'm not sure what I did before that came along.

☺ I spend too much time online.

 I'm sexier than you.

☺ My blackberry is my best friend (Sorry Pinky).

☺ Literature is a passion of mine.

☺ I'm a Political Science & Economics major in college.

☺ I wouldn't mind a pet llama or ostrich but no one will get  me one >:(

☺ If I forget my ipod at home I will go back to get it.

☺ I'm pretty sure I'm one of the pickiest eaters to walk the earth.

☺ I get road rage :@

☺ My favourite films people have either never heard of or didn't care to watch :/

☺ I stare at people a lot, even though I don't always realise :( Makes for an awkward moment

☺ Did I say how much I was obsessed with lists?

☺ I'm a grammar snob.


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