Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wrong Number

Posted by Michelle on Sunday, October 31, 2010
Ever told someone something thinking it was someone else? Sent a wrong message via IM? Got voices mixed up on the phone? It never ends well, friends. It doesn't end well at all. Especially if you say something about them.

I was lounging around, surfing the net (I really need to find other things to do with my time) when the phone rang and I *swore* it was someone I wanted to talk to... I was sorely mistaken :/

Me: Hello
Voice: Hi, Mich!
Me: Yeah, B, we're going to the beach after class tomorrow are you coming?
Voice: Oh, I didn't know you guys had plans, I end at 3
Me: Okay, we're leaving at 3:30 so if you need a ride let me know.
Me: I have a beep, I hope it's not X. I've been avoiding him for like 2 weeks, the man would just not leave me alone! Ugh!
Two clicks of the 'flash' button later
Me: Yeah.
Voice: Uh, hi
Me: Happen to you??
Voice: Who you thought this was?
Me: Pardon? [at this point I'm confused out of my mind, hoping that he's just messing with me]
Voice: This is X
Me: Oh sweet Christ...
[pregnant pause]
Me: Uhhhhh
I had to put down! I had to! I couldn't think of any way to save myself from that one! I saw him in the cafeteria two days later and the awkwardness was palpable! He hasn't spoken to me since :( ...Wonder why. He gives me this sad little look and looks away whenever I look at him.

When you're talking to someone always make sure that you're talking to the right person. Feelings get hurt people, oh yes, they get hurt.


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