Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Painted Faces

Posted by Michelle on Wednesday, November 03, 2010
Every day I have class I wake up less than chipper, brush my teeth, check Twitter, have breakfast, brush my teeth again, check Twitter, have a shower, air dry, check Twitter, get dressed then lounge around on the computer (while checking Twitter) until the dreaded time I have to leave. When I reach campus I can't help but look at how everyone (mainly girls) put themselves together on mornings. Sizing up the competition? Not quite, it's a girl thing I guess, we watch each other, we pick apart every little thing.

My dress code for college:
Whatever shirt & skirt/shorts/jeans are clean - if you have to smell it twice, it's been worn and put it in the hamper!
Chuck Taylor's or slippers depending on the weather - I hate wet toes, no slippers on a rainy day for this girl!
Hair in a ponytail - I can't be bothered to fuss around with the long, thick, curly mass on my head just to go to class
Makeup - Very limited, it's just school after all: tinted moisturiser, eyeliner and if I'm feeling particularly sexy some lipgloss ;)

When I look around at the girls on campus I cannot fathom why they thought it was some kind of party, New Year's celebrations already? Why would you leave home with a full smoky eye in dark greys and blacks? On Thursday I was walking to class and a saw a girl with an entire face of makeup on! Foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, it was all there, but at least she had a nude lip; but this is her face everyday. While it was beautifully applied, was it really necessary? I for one was very confused, I wonder what these girls do with their faces when they actually have an event to attend? I'm gonna go with the same old thing. I'm not attacking this girl, there's many of them at my university I just want to know why.

Are we so insecure with our given faces that we cover it up to look 'attractive' when all we really achieve is looking like 'Broadway Goes College'. Is there that much of a desire to hide all imperfections that we weigh down our faces with tons of unnecessary makeup? At the end of it all people will do what they want and whatever they're comfortable doing. In the same way I'll never understand their Flashdance-like faces, maybe they'll never understand why all I put on my face for school is tinted moisturiser, eyeliner and lipgloss.


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