Saturday, November 13, 2010

Last Girl Standing

Posted by Michelle on Saturday, November 13, 2010
It's been a while, hasn't it? I haven't been doing very well with NaBloPoMo :( I'm back and I have an important update: My feet hurt. They hurt a lot :( Wanna know why?? :) Course you do ;) Bahaha. I started work yesterday :D And we stand all day. Well there's like 3 staff chairs around and as soon as one is free it's a mad rush to get to one. I don't even bother. There's no way I'm putting in all that effort only to get halfway and realise X is already sitting there. Work is pretty nice! And the incentives are killer! What's also killer are the customers that come in and have no idea what they want and give you the run around - only a different way. Did I say anything about the people? I love my colleagues, the ones I've met... Except this one girl but she talks to no one... what a sad existence that must be. You're at work from 8-5 on weekdays and 8-3 on weekends and you refuse to talk to anyone you work with? Oh well, her loss, we're better without her anyway ;) There's 3 supervisors and Y is the coolest :) He's so personable, he doesn't come across fake at all unlike Z -_- The new staff outweighs the old staff twice over! If anything ever happens, we'll win, I hope.

This is my first job by the way!!! I have never earned money in my entire life! Except for doing chores and I'm not sure if I should count that, been a while since I vacuumed. Approaching someone that walks in is the most terrifying thing ever, especially since I absolutely no experience! Walking up to them is like,  

Oh my God, I hope there's nothing in my teeth. Suppose I trip, that would really suck... I hope my breath doesn't smell like mocha, I should get some gum. Dammit, can't have anything in my mouth on the sales floor! Why are they still walking, don't they know I'm coming to them?? Maybe they saw me and don't want me to come to them. Relax, Michelle, take a deep breath! Oh no, only 3 more steps, aaaannnnddd....

Then I realise it wasn't so bad and I really didn't have to freak out. I'll get better in time :) I'm only working three days a week Friday-Sunday. I can't wait until my exams are over so I can start to work full time :D I will have no life on weekends. There's no way I can do something at night and then get to work for 8AM! Ah well, at least I'm getting paid :) That's the important thing... Right??


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