Monday, November 15, 2010

Who's Smiling? I'm Smiling

Posted by Michelle on Monday, November 15, 2010
Things that made me smile recently:
  • BoyShorts is my slave for all eternity :}- duties include but are not limited to making me lemonade, french toast and getting me chicken alfredo! Get yourself a BoyShorts! Just not my BoyShorts!
  • I have found the PERFECT hair regimen for my hair :D ...Can we say goodbye to bad hair days?? Not that I have those :)
  • Karim is in the library, that should be all I have to say!
  • Progress is being made on the #nopants movement of Olga and I 
  • I watched a girl walk into a door for one of the glass cases at work! Bahaha, I swore she saw it! I swear!
  • I went to the supermarket in heels and shorts and no bra!! No trolley for this hottie, I used a basket!!
  • I recruited Che into doing the laundry in heels, feels good doesn't it ;)
  • I made the most perfect flatbread sandwich ever :( It brought tears to my eyes! I almost didn't want to eat it... Almost.
  • The hair of my sworn enemy had some serious damage and now my hair not only more gorgeous than hers, but longer too!!
  • ___ gained 8 pounds. And it shows. 
  • Ly had a house party by himself... During the day :s 



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