Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Independence!

Posted by Michelle on Tuesday, November 30, 2010
It's Independence Day! It's Independence Day! It's Independence Day! It's Independence Day!
And what am I doing to celebrate?? Not a thing -_- Well I did make pone which my father singlehandedly ate one-thirds of!! My mother thought herself rather useful in the process but all she did was crack the eggs. She didn't even beat them for me and she left the egg shell on the counter... Some help she is. It turned out pretty great regardless and I did my own little mini-pone which they will never see!!!! It's mine all mine! 

It's about time my Christmas tree was erected but it's so much work! Hopefully my sister helps or one of you lovely readers, Che? ;) Please? :L No? Sigh... Fine! If you don't help you'll be getting no presents from me! None! The decorations at work are up :D Ro did them and it looks fantastic, I feel so Chrismassy! :)

I really should get to studying though :( But I have something better :D 30 Days of Truth!


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