Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Christmas List 2010

Posted by Michelle on Saturday, December 04, 2010
Dear Everyone Who Reads My Blog,
I know Christmas shopping can be a task and so I don't burden you with trying to figure out what to get me I've compiled a short list of all the things I need to survive into the next year. If all of you come together and work something out, you can get me most if not everything on my list.
  1. A toaster that holds 4 pieces of toast
  2. Chainmail
  3. A usuable replica of the sword that Shigure uses in History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
  4. A panini maker
  5. Blowdryer with a diffuser attachment
  6. A pet snake/ostrich/llama or all 3, I already have names picked out :)
  7. Vespa
  8. Skullcandy headphones
  9. Foamy tees from illwillpress
  10. Nunchucks; I'll give myself lessons no tutor required
  11. Rock Band 3 and all the instruments
  12. Jet pack
  13. An illegal immigrant to do all the household things I don't want to: cleaning, washing etc (including the bathrooms!)
  14. Someone to wash my vespa daily
  15. A dark-haired Greek guy to fan me with palm leaves when I get hot; after all I live in the tropics!
  16. The pink blob called Morph from Treasure Planet
  17. Hard copies of all the Glee soundtracks
  18. A new laptop; must say "Hello, Master" every time I turn it on
  19. A gay best friend
  20. A twin brother; I've always wanted one
  21. Taser
  22. Lifetime supply of Nutella
  23. Disney's Beauty and the Beast; blu-ray
  24. Nikon coolpix camera
  25. A video of Stephen King singing me happy birthday; he must say my full name in the video

I told you it was a short list! I'll be the easiest person to shop for this Christmas :) 
Thank you all in advance,


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